Project 5 Racing

ABR Single Bong TT – May 6, 2012

Pascale Petro, Mitch Pietkos, & Cathy Frampton

American Bike Racing (ABR) puts on some nice events – it’s like a picnic with friends. Well, at least when the weather cooperates. Sunday wasn’t quite picnic weather – not even close. Pascale and I arrived at the race site, shivering as we shuttled to/from the registration building. We hopped on the trainers positioning ourselves so that the wind would batter us just a little bit less. Then we got to spinning to warm up. I rolled to the line first and sat for a good few minutes – feeling the cold filter in just a bit.

5-4-3-2-1 – and I was off. TT’s are a different kind of racing from the crits and road races I enjoy. I looked to my left and right kind of searching for that competitor to make a move – but there wasn’t anyone there. Just my breathing and my bike – oh, and the wind. For the next 30 min or so I fought all of them. Not sure which one won the battle, but I’m still standing and coming back for another round!

The parking lot is the place to be after these TT’s – by bike, foot, or car, most everyone rolls by so you get a chance to catch up. Pascale rolled in after her race – grinning ear-to-ear (she’s coming back!). Mitch joined us. Albertos, Verdigris, ABD – and so on… Unfortunately the socializing was cut short as the warnings that 75mph winds, 1/4″ hail, and lightning was 20 min away. Maybe we’ll get that picnic in at the next TT?

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