Project 5 Racing

Chicago Criterium: P5 Podium Time

We so Pretty!Project 5 continues its run of podium placings by putting Tim Henry in 2nd place for this inaugural event. A beautiful day along the Lakefront found the P5 squadra camped out and ready to take it to the people in the cat 3 contest. The team on this day was composed of: Kevin Stephens, Lance Maylath, Mitch Piekos, Carlos Garcia, Ron Cook, Craig Erbach, Karl Erbach and Tim Henry. We also had the IR listed members Sean Moran and John Diefel playing DS from the sidelines. Prior to the race excitement was high, punctuated by a Penske like pit service performed by the team when Tim discovered just 10 minutes before the race that his rear tire had a severe rip in it. The Team rallied and within 5 minutes they had replaced his carbon only brake pads, changed cassettes and mounted the new wheel while Tim watched in sheer amazement. Big thanks to the team for getting fatties bike in order.

The race proper was a show piece for the team. The initial plan was to be aggressive from the beginning, cover all dangerous breaks and in the event that a break did not stick get Tim to the front and play the sprint card. To this point the team executed said plan to perfection. No major break was allowed to go unless the Black, White and Red of P5 was in it or driving it. With about 3 laps to go a dangerous break went and the team went to the front to assist in closing it down. 1.5 laps to  go and it was all together. Half a lap to go and a Tortuga rider dug hard and got a big gap. Tim was snaking through the field and found the wheel he wanted. Over the last little rise before the final turn Tim was 3rd wheel and could see the home stretch. Out of the corner and Tim was 2nd wheel behind Matt Smith(Vitamin Water).  About a 100 meters to go and Matt looks back and Tim goes for the line.  Tim wins the field sprint for second and earns the team a podium spot at this prestigious event. Big thanks to the City of Chicago and Special Events for hosting this awe inspiring event.


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