Project 5 Racing

Elk Grove : P5 Winning at the Richest Crit on Earth

Project 5 on Top

Oh yea ladies and gentlemen, you read right. The biggest weekend of crit action saw the Project 5 Boys collect some nice coin and the top step on the podium. Day one saw the squad racing hard and giving as good as they got in the cat 4 , cat 5 and cat 3 races. The days results were highlighted by a team effort to put on form rider Tim Henry on the podium. Unfortunately a last corner crash forced Tim to sprint from mid pack but the teams efforts early on had left enough gas in the tank for Tim to finish 5th on the day. Hungry for more, this left the team starving to improve on this result the following day.

The following day brought a near full P5 squad and a chance to better on the previous day’s performance and placing. The days action was kicked off early when Tim went for and won the first Prime on offer. After that it was game on with P5 riding the race of its life. Check the vid below for a glimpse on how the day went.


The remainder of the race was highlighted by Ron Cook winning the biggest prime on the day ($200) with a move that nearly stuck for the solo victory. With a lap to go Kevin, Lance and Carlos made like Saeco and lead Tim to the front. The inevitable swarm came and Tim dropped from maybe fifth wheel to somewhere in the top 25 but good legs and the motivation of a team that sacrificed itself for a common goal propelled Tim to victory in this prestigious event.

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