Project 5 Racing

ABR IL State Championshiop, Cat 4

My goal in this races to was to channel yesterday’s disappointment into a good result.  I wanted to be motivated, but not stupid or reckless.

I was just Mitch and I, and before the race, Mitch asks me if I have any goals.  I simply told him, “I want to win.”  I discussed a couple ways we could try and make that happen, but agreed that most strategies would have to be determined once we were rolling and felt our legs under pressure.

I started by riding mid-pack, so I decided it was time to go to the front.  When I got there, I saw two riders a second or two off the main field, and two more about 100 meters ahead of them.  I was feeling good and I had a lot of speed when I got to the fist two, so I dialed it up to bridge.  It took me 3/4 of a lap, but I made it.  They asked me to go through, but I told them, I’d work but I’d need a second.  However, during this period of disorganized coasting we got caught.

I did a better job of re-integrating nearer to the front, but I slipped back and found Mitch’s wheel.  I recovered there, and headed back to the front.  The rest of the race I was falling back through the middle, and going to front on the outside of the front stretch.  If the pace was high, I’d stay there a while, when the pace was slow, I’d lose positions.  One time, I went to the very front and sort pulled for a lap, when the “hill” came, I picked it up a couple notches, just to put some pain into the legs of some of the others.

In the second to last lap, I was swarmed again.  The last lap the pace came up, but I came to the front and matched the pace on the far side and waited.  A couple guys went and I kicked it and was riding fast 3rd or 4th wheel.  Then I heard some nasty sounds behind me, and we sped up another gear.  I wondered if it would be 4 of vying for the win, but I hear the pack closed a 40 yard gap to regain contact.  Still that had to take a toll on their legs.  Finally, this is where I should be.  I went 95% up the final hill and rounded the last corner even with another rider at the head of the race.  I gave the sprint my all, but took 4th.

That’s tied for my best finish.  Feels good, but I did want to win…  I got the third place metal because the winner was on a one-day.  I feel like I raced this one smartly and well.  I have to get better at sprinting.and holding my position in the middle of the field.  Given my strengths, my best chance for the W probably lies with a break or a flyer, but I’ll still work on the sprinting.


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