Project 5 Racing

ABR IL State Championshiop, Cat 3

After a restless 6 hours of sleep at my parents house in Madison — the kids kept waking up because they were hot (didn’t figure that out until about 3am) — we piled in the van and headed back to Chicago.  I had written off Wooddale on account of being ultra tired, sore and in a different state.  But when I pulled up in front of the apartment at 1pm, I saw I had a chance to make the 2:30 Cat 3 race.  So I threw the kids in the house and jumped back in the van to head the other way on the Kennedy.

Low traffic so I pulled up with 45 minutes to spare.  Man was I stiff and sore, and wondering what on earth I was doing at another race.

Pinned the number, pumped the tires, mixed the Accelerade and did a few laps after watching Greg place in the 4′s — way to go.  Legs felt tired, but after a few warm-up sprints things felt okay.

Once racing got underway, I started to feel much better.  I stayed towards the front the whole race — tried to get away with a group 3-4 times.  WDT was dominating as they had a guy OTF.  Ron “Freightliner” Cook was looking strong and I offered to help him bridge — sorry, I didn’t really understand what he said, but I gathered “not yet”.

After 30 minutes of racing, I felt the time ripe for a break to stick.  Ron, Ricardo Otero, Widoff, another rider and myself took off on the back stretch and strong up the hill.  Just before the turn, I started to let a gap go but still kept up the pace to prevent anyone from coming around too quickly.  That did it.  By 100m after the last turn, there was a good 50-75m gap to the break which contained Ron.

While there were many attempts to chace down the break, I was able to help block and slow things down a few times.  The best was when we got really close to the break but I managed to get to the front up the hill and slowed everything down to about 16mph.  Hehe..

Chris from Get-a-Grip did a lot of work to chase down the break, but at 2 to go, it was clear they would stay away.  I worked hard to stay towards the front to try to catch a place in the money, but took 3rd in the field sprint for 8th overall.  One out of the money.  Top 10, I’ll take it.

Congrats to Ron on his 5th place and a medal.

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