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ABR IL State Championshiop, Cat 3 (The Ron Cook Edition/Addition)

The winning Break

A big thank you goes to Andy.  i did hear you saying something about moving up the right but when i turned and looked i thought is was an abd rider, not you.  i was being pretty indecisive about whether i wanted to bridge at that moment.  i had already burned a couple of matches and since there wasn’t any Trek-Vitamin Water guys in the break i figured that they would eventually bring it back.

Finally a TVW guy did try to bridge and that’s when i went.  I figured if we bridged we had all the big teams represented.  Once we made it i tried to recoup a bit and then started taking pulls.  eventually we lost the TVW rider and it was 2 WDT’s, 1 ABD, Ben Whitof and me.  WDT had Riccardo for the sprint so he was sitting on the back not doing anything while his teammate was pulling himself inside out.  At times the rest of us got tired of Riccardo not taking any pulls so our pace would lag a bit and his teammate would eventually take over again.

With about 3 or 4 laps to go i started fading.  I actually skipped a couple pulls and at one point the field was coming up so close behind us i thought we were done for and i almost just sat up and waited for the field but thankfully common sense took over and made the effort to stay with the break.

After andy did his 16mph chase at the front of the field our gap grew out again and it became obviouse we’d make it.  Finally on the last lap going into turn 3 i was gassed and made the bad decision to let Ben back in front of me instead of holding 4th place.  As we came around the last turn i thought i had enough to get around Ben but then he really turned it on and i was done and came across 5th.  Somehow during our break i also won a  prime.  i have no idea how that happened.

Bottom line for me this is like a win.  It’s been such a goofy year for me with not being able to race as much and feeling like ive been pushing the reset button on my training every 2 weeks.  I knew i didn’t have much of a sprint since i’ve done like 3 all year so i knew i wouldn’t be able to make up much in the sprint. Now if i can just improve my threshold time and get a little more zip in my sprint i shouldn’t be too bad off.

Thanks again for all the support both in the race and on the sidelines.


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