Project 5 Racing

Soldier Field Crit #1: Ladies Night

P5 ladies and Pepsi Girls

Today’s race was a true team effort…Ginger, Jerel, and I at the line, Pascal warming up on the trainer right outside the course – at the line. Talk about team spirit in force! And I think we looked pretty darn good, all of us with our kits on for the first time, too! There were two other women in the cat 4 race – Courtney of XXX and a new racer, unattached.

The first lap XXX took the pull. On lap 2, Ginger attacked and got away clean with XXX lagging a few bike lengths behind her and then newbie, Jerel, and me together. I didn’t think newbie looked so strong and XXX looked like she would weaken, so I said to myself, “wouldn’t it be better if Ginger and I could work together to bring it to the line for a 2 person sprint?” So I took off, passing XXX, and joined Ginger. We were able to stay out in front for quite a few laps getting almost to the mid-point of the race before XXX rejoined. And with the slow down, newbie also rejoined. With some coaching from Ginger, I stayed clear of letting either of the girls draft off of me. Then Ginger, leading the group, indicated to me that I should attack – oh, but I was enjoying the break too! – but I went and broke away clear. At each turn I looked back to see if I was still clear. Ginger did an awesome job at controlling the group allowing the lead to get to about 1/2 a lap. Each time I crossed the lap line, my jaw dragging a little more each time, Pascale was there cheering us on. Jerel and I learned later that we could have worked together at one point in the race – but that is what today’s race was about – learning. Next time! Thanks to the teamwork, both on and off the course, I was able to cross the line first. In the sprint that followed, Ginger…you will have to wait to hear it from her!!!

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