Project 5 Racing

Closure to the road racing season or launching of the next?

Our September 19 “kit-up and chat” ride was a well  received Opportunity to take it down a bit and ride side by side with the local – and not so local – female cyclists.  The kits were splendid and the chat didn’t disappoint!  (Link “Judge for yourself” with pictures).  It was a true pleasure to share our passions:  riding and eating!
Our competitive spirit was well served that day by fighting the bees; we survived relentless attacks during  the picnic but flat out won!  It was miraculous that no one was stung in the fight.
We would like to remind those of you with the slightest itch to race that you most certainly will know someone on the start line.  If you only give it a try, you will find that our racing community is small and friendly and we often don’t have far to drive to fun events!
Plan now to come out and race next spring!  We are looking forward to hearing your racing stories on our next year “kit-up and chat” event!   Thank you for making this ride a  true success.

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