Project 5 Racing

O’Fallon Week-end

John and I headed down separately for O’Fallon since he would return home after the State Road Race on Saturday and I was staying for the Sunday crits. 

State Road Race: Beautiful day for racing – overcast but dry and not too hot. John in the 50+ race would have 3-22.5 mi loops while the Women’s 3/4 & Master’s would have one lap. The course is pretty interesting – many hills, couple tunnels, nice twisty-curvey stretches of road, and a couple of super tight turns. Road in general is ok – edges rutted up, but pavement solid enough. John had a solid race for the State Champ jersey – letting a bunch of Missiourites off the front, the top 50+ Illinois men eyed each other for three laps. With the likes of Wayne Simon and Gary Doering sharing the podium, awesome 3rd place finish in the State Road Championship race, John – awesome.

For my race, the ladies stayed together pretty much. There were a few attacks, but none that stuck for very long. As we approached the 2k from the finish mark, we were neutralized as the P/1/2 field passed – then the guys slowed down, slowed down!!! - just as we were in what should be our critical attack stretch of the course. With the guys jamming up our race, I went by the pace car and said “We gotta go!” to which the driver replied, “I’m not gonna call you on it.” So I took that as approval to go and hit it as hard as I could all the way to the finish line. I was DQ’d for passing the pace car. Dissappointing. Otherwise, it was a fun race. Congrats to Gina for taking the W3/4 State Champ jersey for the 2nd time in a row (among her many other State Championship jerseys) and to Marilyn on her Master’s State Championship (need to get you a jersey!)! My lesson well-learned, I look forward to next year – see you all on the line!

Crits- Women’s 3/4 & Master’s: Absolutely gorgeous day in Southern Illinois. This race had a small field of 8 – but strong competitors. It never really matters how many are on the line, as long as you know it will be challenging. The course was a simple loop, but with a super tight turn 3 and very cambered turn 4. For this race, the pace stayed high and attacks were associated with primes. On the final lap, Dogfish attacked before turn 3 and took it home for the win. I finished 4th. Marilyn won the Masters.

Crits- Women’s Open: Again a small field but strong competitors. After a couple laps, Jessica Prinner laid down an attack and was gone. For many laps, we tried to chase, each taking pulls -but to no avail. As we settled down in the chase pack, there were a few hard attacks – one time, I caught the wheel of attacking GS Boulder racer, Axie, and we had to yell at the scooter to speed up as we headed into turn 3, just enough of a slowdown for what felt like it could be a break to get caught. The last few laps were excrutiatingly slow as noone wanted to take a pull. On the bell lap, I hit it as hard as I could, was chased down and passed by a couple of racers. At turn 4, one of the racers wiped out and I was able to sprint past the other to finish 2nd. 

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