Project 5 Racing

Sherman Park Crit

A couple of us P5’ers out on this day – Kevin P, Q, John, Cathy and me (Ginger).  A strange day weather-wise: cool early morning then humid as all else for warm up and during the W3/4 race it rained on only one half of the course!

Q had the first race in the Cat 4s.  We saw him moving around the field easily.  Next up was Kevin P. in the Cat 5b race and he looked very comfortable up front.  The Women’s Cat 3/4 was next.

Cathy and I were on the line with 24 other women.  It was great to see so many Albertos and XXX ladies.  Once the 30 minute race was going XXX was very active with attacks.   Albertos followed their lead and threw down a few attacks. Cathy tossed in a few as well and was off the front for a lap at one point.  None of the attacks stuck and the group stayed together.  At 2 laps to go we were strung out and Cathy and I were towards the front of the group, things were looking good.  Then as soon as we crossed the start/finish with 1 lap to go the back of the field swarmed us  so we had to struggle to keep our position near the front. As the end was approaching Cathy offered me her wheel and put it down.  It was a beautiful lead out.  I started my sprint and went around Cathy.  I couldn’t see anyone, but knew they were breathing down my neck. I just kept pushing and crossed the line.  I can’t believe it!  I just took first place!  Thanks to my ultimate teammate, Cathy.  Albertos finished strong with a 2nd and 3rd.

John had two races a little bit later and had a fantastic field sprint for 4th in the 50+ race.  Cathy then had her second race of the day and finished 4th as well.

This was a fun day of racing and XXX did a great job with the event.

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