Project 5 Racing

ToAD June 18-20

Thiensville, WI

Friday started off the Tour of America’s Dairyland for Jerel, Matt, Tim and me (Ginger).  It started as a sunny humid day that ended with a thundershower that cut Tim’s race short.  The course was a fast four corners with a slight decline into each corner.  Jerel and I were in the Women’s 3/4 race and I believe it was the fastest one that Jerel and I have been in this year.  The start/finish stretch was where the pace was picked up every lap.  Both Jerel and I worked hard during this race.  I lost position in the final lap and ended up just outside of the money for the final field sprint.  This was our first time seeing Matt in the P5 red, black and white since he went away to college to ride for the Dartmouth team.  He looked so comfortable and in control in the Cat 3 race moving around the pack at will.  Tim looked great in his race, but unfortunately was pushed off the road in a corner and went down causing a mechanical on the bike so he had to run over to the wheel pit for a new wheel and adjustments.  Once back in the race dark clouds started looming closer bringing with it some lightening, so the race was cut short by about 15 minutes.


Grafton, WI

Saturday had a much bigger field for the Women’s 3/4 race – 39 on the line.  This included more of the Chicagoland contingent that wasn’t there the day before, including our Cathy.  The course had 2 rises and 6 corners with the final one being more than 90 degrees.  There were two crashes in our race, one of which took out at least five ladies.  Jerel ended up getting caught behind the larger crash.  I am happy to say that everyone was okay.  On the final lap Cathy maintained a great position and ended up taking 3rd, with Stacy Applewick and Janette Rho taking 1st and 2nd  , respectively.  It was so great to see our Chicago area ladies take the entire podium.  Matt rode again in the Cat 3 race and was positioned well throughout, but on the final lap was caught behind a crash, as was Tim in the Masters Pro, 1, 2, 3 race.  Shawn D. joined us on Saturday to ride in the Cat 4 race.  He had been off his bike for a while, but held his own in the race getting caught behind a couple of crashes.


Appleton, WI

Sunday was another beautiful day.  This was a four corner, flat course with a slight rise and headwind on the back half.  The women’s 3/4 had a smaller crowd of 27 on the line.  The field would get strung out during primes, but otherwise pretty much stayed together.  Jerel and Cathy rode beautifully maintaining positions and moving around the field.  On the final lap Jerel helped me out and pulled me to the front on the back stretch which put me into position for the final sprint.  Thanks to Jerel, I ended with 9th and Cathy with 11th.  Again we had a Chicago area woman on the podium with Janette Rho taking 2nd.  Matt was next up in the Cat 3’s where he went off the front to take a $50 prime.  I missed Tim’s Masters race so an update will be coming soon…

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