Project 5 Racing

ToAD – Road America, June 21, 2010

What a cool course for a race! Think Burnham’s Blackhawk Farms course on steroids – lots of them. You now have an idea of Road America’s course…Swooping downhill stretch, a kicker uphill, more downhill, before a long rise, false flat, and super-kicker to the uphill finish line. Another great turnout for the 3/4 women with 31 on the line. Alberto’s, XXX, Cuttin’ Crew, Smart Cycling, and Project 5 represented Chicago well today.

Lap 1 Smart Cycling’s Meghan jumped off the front and lifted the pace immediately. About 2/3 into the lap, my back wheel started wobbling bad and I had to call for a mechanical. Not a flat, but a slight adjustment by the mechanic and I was off trying to chase down the pack. Jerel helped pull me a good bit of the way back – thanks, girl, that was awesome! It would be another lap of pushing it on the downhills and uphills before I would rejoin the pack. With 4 more laps to go, I settled in to recover.

Smart Cycling and Alberto’s attacked after the start/finish and stayed away for better than 1/2 a lap. On the 5th of 6 laps, the pace picked up stringing the entire pack out. On the final lap, the field was neutralized just after the start/finish – so much for picking up the pace. So the cat/mouse started, no one really attacking until the false flat before the final super-kicker when XXX’s Heidi hit it. With that, the field that had been packed coming up the long rise spread out so those that still had some energy could go. Not many positions changed on the final climb, other than the ToAD overall leader, Whitney, surging up the outside to take the win. Heidi finished 2nd – nice job! I finished 6th. J won the field sprint of her group -way to go!

John and Matt raced the cat 3′s – 12 laps = ouch. For the first few laps the field was together with Matt and John teaming well. Then, as Matt put it, “the sh!t got real”. Guys started attacking on the hills and when the field came around the next lap there were now many pockets of racers. With a racer off the front, Matt was in the chase pack but John had gotten caught behind a gap and was in a pocket further back. The groups of racers pretty much stayed that way for the remainder of the race. 

Another fun day of racing down – on to Sheboygan!

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