Project 5 Racing

ToAD – Sheboygan Matt Powers to 4th!

A gorgeous day in Sheboygan after a night filled with thunderstorms and tornadoes. So thankful we did not have to camp last night. Cool coffee shop hangout last night and great breakfast at a mom/pop joint – ahh, Wisconsin.

Matt lined up with about 30 other cat 3 men when the sun was the hottest of the day. Barely a wisp of a cloud was in the sky. Immediately there was an attack off the front that stayed away for a couple laps. Once he was swallowed up, a group of 5 created a break after a counter-attack. With primes, that group of 5 whittled to 2. The pack could not organize for the chase. Soon 5 riders broke away from the pack to try to reel the two in. Matt was still in the peloton about mid-pack, but moving up. After a few more laps, the peloton absorbed 4 of the 5 in the chase group and Matt in a solo effort took off to chase the 3rd place rider dangling in no man’s land. For the next 5 laps or so, Matt and the other racer remained about 10 yards apart. Primes offered to the pack threatened their gap which had grown to 20 seconds. With three to go, Matt caught the solo racer. With one to go, Matt tried to attack on the backside of the course. Coming out of the final corner, the two racers were nearly side to side - a drag race to the finish…but wait – the pack came around the final turn! Can they beat out the charging pack? Yes! Matt held on to 4th after a very exciting and heroic effort in a field where other teams had the numbers stacked in their favor. Great job!

For the W3/4 race, about 25 lined up earlier in the day. With a number of races complete in the series, not only is the result of the race itself playing into each racer’s strategy, but so is the chase for the overall. Whitney’s overall lead is almost insurmountable – but the 2nd – 7th positions are just points apart. A few new faces to the race also added to the excitement. The race sets off at a leisurely pace until ISCorp attacked – hard. The pack was slow to react. Only after a couple of back to back primes was she reeled in. Another couple of back to back primes increased the pace of the race a bit, but there was more eyeing each other than pushing a hard pace. Jerel attacked with a few remaining laps stringing out the pack. She attacked again a couple of laps later with the same result. No one was going to get away today. On the final lap, I tried to jump before the 2nd to last corner – and I did a fine job (so not intended!) of setting up a leadout for Whitney, Jannette, and GearGrinder, myself finishing 4th. Jerel – even after all her attacks late in the race finished with the pack.

On to Madison, getting ready for Waterloo tomorrow.

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