Project 5 Racing

ToAD – Fond du Lac (6/25)

The shortest – and flattest – course of the series was sure to be fast. So fast, that the town put a copper-speed-reader up so we could see just how fast we were going. Jerel and I decided to dare the starter’s whistle and make a final potty break which put us at the back of the pack for the start. With the whistle, the 27 W3/4 racers were off – and off fast! Attacks started immediately. J got trapped behind a few girls having troubles clipping in and cornering – frustrating! After a few laps, Whitney was off the front with another girl with probably the largest gap of the week in any race. It took a while to organize, but finally I got a couple of ladies to work with me to reel it back in – a match or two burned. The speed reader consistently posted 26 mph or so each time I looked – I do wish my computer was working so I could see what the real speeds were. With about 6 to go, in the lead pack there was a crash at the start/finish line – could the lapped rider that tried to latch on at turn 4 have been a contributor? At 4 to go, Smart Cycling’s Meghan attacked hard. She stayed out for a lap or so. The pace remained high with two to go. At one to go, ISCorp started a lead out. Before turn 3, another ISCorp racer, Holly Matthews, jumps to the outside and I get her wheel. Looking back from turn 3, Whitney is with us, but the three of us have a sizable gap. After turn 4, as Holly starts to ramp up her speed, I am only able to match her – Whitney passes us on the inside to take the win. While the visit to the podium was sweet, the cow jersey remains the real elusive treat. Tomorrow?

Q raced the 4/5′s after us. He positioned himself well within the pack throughout the race, chased down a few attacks, and gunned it in the last lap to hold on to a 5th place finish in an extremely strong field. Excellent!

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