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ToAD Update: Waterloo and Greenbush

Well kids, I am in a much better place when compared to last year, but man do I have a long way to go. Here is an update of the past two days…

Waterloo: Circuit race in a cute little town. On the backside a longer hill with a steep kicker and well, I knew there would be some separation, but if I shifted back into the big ring after the kicker I would be able to bomb the descent and catch back on but had trouble shifting back into my big ring after it for the descent on most of the laps. Didn’t come in last though and wasn’t lapped so some progress. Knowing people wanted to jump early in the race to cause some separation in the field, 2nd lap just before the climb (which narrows quite a bit), Cathy was sitting 3rd wheel. This is perfect, Cathy can go and get away, except that didn’t happen and there was an attack on the hill the next lap (prime), and I was quickly off the back. Came in not last and wasn’t lapped. Progress. KEVIN P….awesome job out there!!!!! Sorry we didn’t have a chance to chat after. I was going to buy you an ice cream at the flower/ice cream shop combo storefront. Odd but it looked good.

What was amazing at Waterloo was heading over to TREK with Cathy to get a behind the scenes tour with her friend who works there. So cool. So cool. So cool. What an experience.

Greenbush: Road Race today. Well what is up with these race profiles? 3% grade…either I am really fatigued (possible) or somebody doesn’t know what 3% grade is. Again a challenging racecourse that allowed me to use all of my gears, wish I had a few more. I think I located some new muscles by the way. Cathy and I drove the course last night and we had a plan (for her). I knew this course was going to put me off the back and it did right where I expected there to be an attack. I needed my momentum to make up these hills and the climbers crushed that momentum around mile 3 (of 20). So I had a nice TT and bombing the winding blind turn downhills was SO MUCH FUN! Did not come in last. Second to last. Again progress and a great day of racing. There isn’t much else I rather be doing today except winning that cow print jersey.

Looking forward to a few more flat days of no hills. Hoping to see a darn jersey and looking forward to drinking some chocolate milk!

Wish everyone was up here racing. Super professional, class act, well run event. Everyone is so great and encouraging, even of women’s cat 3/4 racing. Just like all of you guys! If you have any ideas that you want to race, don’t second guess yourself, come up here. It’s been awesome!

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