Project 5 Racing

ToAD – Downer Classic (6/26)

Ginger rejoined J and myself (Cathy) for the Downer Classic. What a terrific party setting! Between Cafe Hollander on the right and Via and Original Pancake House on the left, great food and drink was pentiful. Another gorgeous day after a night of storms. 35 women were at the line today each determined to make their attempt for the cow jersey. At the whistle, the field took off. Four turns on the clock-wise course – 90, 60 (tight, tight, tight), 105, and 105 (nice sweeping corners before the approach to the finish). Before each corner, the pace picked up with the lead riders not interested in getting caught in a bunch with riders with sketchy cornering skills. As expected the pace also picked up for the primes – but no real break-away attempts today. With the $100 prime, Ginger attacked on the backstretch and strung out the pack the most all day. After that, J and Ginger both took pulls at the front helping to string out the pack. On the final lap, the field was still pretty tight. Coming out of the final corner, a Geargrinder racer veared left across my path just as I was getting out of the saddle – I not only had to stop peddaling, but also reverse the bike a bit so she didn’t hit my front wheel. Dang! There went the train – Whitney, Jannette, Dena and one other girl up the inside. I tried to ramp up my speed, but it didn’t happen. A couple others passed me near the finish. 7th.

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