Project 5 Racing

Peoria Classic – IL State Crit Championships

A few Project 5 Racers headed south for the Peoria Classic, the IL State Crit Championships – John, Tim, Shawn, Q, Ginger, and myself. After racing the week in ToAD, and experiencing Whitney Gagglioli’s utter (or should I say “udder”?) domination, I decided to bail on the last day of ToAD and head to Peoria. Thankfully Ginger was game for that, too.

John and Tim had already raced when we arrived. From their accounts, the heat and humidity of the day would play a factor in the outcome of each race.

15 women lined up for the W3/4. As we looked around at the start, we recognized most of the competition. Great turn-out from XXX and Mack. Then we were off…The first lap was so slow that I could hear spectator’s asking, “This is a race?” before the announcer jabbed us as we passed the start/finish with a “And her come the ladies setting a blistering pace” – but that would be it for the jabs. Attacks started immediately after that. Just before mid-point of the race, an attack stuck with Ginger, Proctor, and XXX-Mia off the front. Mack chased desperately as I latched onto their wheels. After a couple laps, just when I thought the break would stick, something happened and the gap started reducing. So I counter-attacked and Proctor and XXX-Mia joined me in a new break. For the 2nd half of the race, we worked well together to maintain our break. On the backstretch of the last lap, wind in our face, the three of us eyed each other. You could feel how antsy we were getting. About 1 block from the final two turns, I couldn’t hold it in anymore and attacked. As I went into the first turn, I looked and saw I had a gap. From there, it was up the hill and down the finishing stretch, eyes forward just putting everything I had into the pedals. After I crossed the line is when I looked back – yes, I got it – the jersey! Ahhh – it is a good feeling.

After our race, Q and Shawn lined up for the cat 4 race. Big competition in the race, including Kyle Selph of Tower Racing who came with his entourage. Q positioned himself well throughout the race and attacked on the last lap. Q did not leave anything on the course. Kyle nipped Q at the line – so close! Solid 2nd place in the State Championship race – just fantastic.   

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