Project 5 Racing

Inaugural Tour of the Villas – 7/3/10

Thanks to all the racers that joined us in Des Plaines. What a day! A plethora of Masters Age Group and category races, combined with reasonable fees, and wonderful weather enticed many racers to not just double-up, but triple up in many cases. And the competition was deep! Also, your generosity resulted in many boxes of food and a sizable cash donation to the Food Pantry.

We truly extend our appreciation to the City of Des Plaines for opening their arms warmly to the racers – the many families that pitched tents in their front yards and watched the races, the many kiddies that participated in the neighborhood race, the good samaritans that distributed sandwiches and water to the volunteers, the policemen patrolling both on bikes and ATVs that expressed interest in the strategy of the crits, and to the Mayor for setting a good example of wearing his bike helmet as he toured the course on his bicycle. We hope that you experienced something new and interesting – and that you may consider welcoming us all back next year for the first annual Tour of da Villas. 

Thanks to American Bike Racing (ABR) and especially Tom Olson for coordinating another great racing event. My teammates and I (Cathy) have a new appreciation for the amount of work involved in coordinating a race – and I only helped out on race day! I cannot yet imagine the amount of effort that goes into obtaining approval for the event, preparing for race day, and the post-race work involved. 

Thanks to all the P5′ers that assisted with the day – including the Scott family! It was a bunch of fun to work with you all in a non-racing kind of way.

Regarding the racing itself, for the women, Alberto’s stacked the line with their team in red for both the women’s 4 and Open/Masters races. They would have 2 red jerseys on the top of the podium for the 4s – great job! For the Open/Master’s women’s race, in addition to Alberto’s, ABD, Kenda, Bouldougue Tout Noire, and Village Cycle Sport each had at least a couple riders on the line. All the Project 5 ladies raced – really cool to have all of us on the line together again! The race played out fairly simple – Bouldougue #1 attacks to the left, we chase her down. Bouldougue #2 attacks to the right, we chase her down. Repeat. Final results were a couple of Bouldougue’s then the rest of us – nice job, ladies!

The men’s races were exciting to watch. For Project 5, John (Masters 50+), Kevin (Master’s 30+), Tim (Master’s 30+ and P/1/2/3), Shawn (cat 4), and Q (cat 4 and P/1/2/3) raced.  John had a solid race, but missed getting in the break that would stick. In the Master’s 30+, Kevin and Tim raced with the biggest field of the day – there were multiple attacks making it also one of the most exciting races of the day. The 4′s race had Shawn spending a few laps well out ahead of the pack when he attacked after a prime. When Shawn re-integrated with the field, Q counter-attacked and was off the front for a few laps. Very exciting. The race came down to a field sprint. The attacks started early in the P/1/2/3 race. Luke Seeman and Chris Mosoro were off the front early and soon joined by about 5 more racers. Nearing the mid-point of the race, the pack grew unsettled. A few racers bridged to the break and a few fell off the break. Q made the break! Tim settled in to do some blocking – except to collect part of a 2-place prime was announced about 3/4 way through the race. Q stuck with the break group until the finish line finishing 7th -FANTASTIC! In the closing laps, Chris went off the front and soloed in for the win.

Again – thanks to all that joined us – racers, neighbors, ABR, P5. Enjoy the holiday!

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