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Superweek – Evanston, 7/18/10

Nemesis = something that a person cannot conquer. Evanston is my nemasis – ok, maybe that is a bit extreme, but it feels right after today’s race.

The turnout for the W3/4 race was a bit smaller than I had anticipated. Except for the Alberto’s army (luv ya girls!), and one each from Half-Acre, ABD, Kenda, and Flatlandia, most of the racers were from out of town and unknown to me. I did not know what to expect.

Last year I rode about mid-pack and was pushed into the curb at turn 4 – one witness to that show called it a “spectacular crash”! Well, this year I was not about to allow anyone to do any Phil Liggett-ing of my performance. Stay out front = stay safe.

So – that’s what I did…for the most part. Tibco had 5 racers on the line and kicked off the race with an attack. Alberto’s countered – and they went back and forth a few times. Good thing was that the pace was high enough that there was no pile up going through the corners.

But then fluky things started happening…

The wind blew barriers onto the course in front of the hotel on the back straight-away – we veered to the right. On the next lap, the barriers were still in the street – with a security guard standing there making no attempt to pick them up. Hhhhmmm.

6 to go in our CRIT race – and it is NEUTRALIZED due to a delivery truck on the course! It entered the course near where the barriers went down – Hhhhmmmm.

Ok – so much for the bit of a string out we had going. 1/2 lap later we are let go again, but we are now all in a bunch. The pace never quite picked up to the “not-so-fast, but fast enough to keep racers strung-out” pace we had been going. With the final laps and slower pace, some swarming started to happen on the straight-aways. 1/2 lap to go, I am sitting 4th wheel, on backside straight-away – not too far from the wind-blown barriers or where the truck entered the course - an unattached rider moves up my left side and abruptly shifts to her right – quick/clean move that perfectly set her derailleur in my front wheel and ripped out a few spokes and sent me to the pavement.

I understand there was a crash at turn 5 (BK Stacker) immediately after mine in which the lead girls I was following crashed into a barrier taking 3 of them out – maybe crashing earlier was a good thing?

Well – Evanston. Will I see you next year?

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