Project 5 Racing

Grayslake (8/7/10) & ABR State Crit Championships (8/8/10)

What a great week-end for P5! Podiums, State Championship Jerseys, IL Cup Series Winners – oh, and a new teammate!

Before a recap of the events, with the significant achievements this week-end, a brief reminder of what P5 represents seems appropriate:
The Project 5 moniker was chosen for two reasons. In one respect the name stands for the plan most of us have of graduating up from the Cat 5 racing scene and moving on up until age, health, life or acquirement of a Cat 1 license prevents us from going further in our chosen sport/passion/fetish. The other meaning behind this name is simply promotion of racing in general for those young and old that are looking to participate in this awe inspiring sport. Our hope is to be a sort of ambassador of this sport and the healthy lifestyle it represents

P5 has expanded the roster adding a new teammate that shares the passion we have for the sport, its growth, and the drive to continue to challenge ourselves – welcome Marilyn Powell! A well-known entity within the racing community, we look forward to blending Marilyn’s enthusiasm with that of our own for success both on and off the course. You will hear more about her in the (long – lot’s of good stuff happened!) recap below.

Grayslake: The final race in the Illinois Cup Series, P5 results in the Grayslake events could change the final positioning in a number of categories. While a win is always the goal, today there would be additional layers to the opportunities for success.

  • Men’s 50+: John Deifel has been racing well this year and today was one of his finest showings. Up against the Mighty Mack’s and Wayne Simon among others, John had a deep field to contest. Holding his position near the front of the pack for the better part of the race, John came into view of the start/finish in 5th position and at the final turn, with a solid sprint, moved into 4th place. Great job! John secured 6th place in the Illinios Cup Series.
  • W3/4 race: Marilyn, a cat 3 racer, joined Jerel, Ginger and Cathy on the line with 14 other racers. The race started out at a slow pace, noone wanting to do the work on the first lap. Lap 2, the Bouldougue (Stacy) became antsy and attacked. Mack-er Jeanne was on her wheel with Marilyn sitting in 3rd wheel. From then on, many attacks were attempted but no break formed. True to form, Jeanne popped out and collected the couple of primes offered. As we came around on the final lap, Ginger attacked with Stacy and Jeanne jumping to reel her in – and they did – but barely. Had the course been just a bit shorter the end result might have been jumbled. Stacy topped the podium followed by Jeanne and Ginger. However, with her 3rd place finish, Ginger secured 2nd place in the W3/4 Illinois Cup Series while Cathy retained 1st place in the Series.
  • Men’s Cat 4: Quentin and Greg lined up. With the gun, the larger teams set a fast pace and maintained it throughout the race. Greg had mechanical issues which popped him out of the race a couple times. Q hung in and moved up through the pack as the race progressed. On the last lap – only the racers know what happened on the backside of the course – but Q was 2nd wheel coming into view of the start/finish and made his move in the curve to come into the finishing stretch in 1st position. Q held it through the finish line for a “V”!!! That victory also moved Q into 1st Place in the Illinois Cup Series!
  • Women’s Open: With Pascale joining the other four P5 ladies on the line, we had our entire ladies team racing for the first time since the start of the season. With the whistle, Flatlandia’s Kristen Meshberg hammered it out for the entire first lap quickly dropping many racers. Lap 2 was more of the same with Jeanne (yes, the same Mack attacker!) and Stacy (yes, you got it, that Stacy) trading surges with Kristen. Behind them were a bunch of red shirts – 3 P5′s and an Alberto’s. With the separation from the rest of the pack, we continued doing our circles, trading turns at the front. There were some unsuccessful attempts to try to shake a few racers off this break group. About mid-race, Jeanne attacked and got some clearance. Not too much urgency in the group to pull her back – just kept the gap so she was in sight. After a few laps, the gap started coming down and Jeanne reintegrated with the group. No counter-attacks - how nice for her. With three to go, realizing a break was not going to get away, the pace wound down. On the final lap, Alberto’s Francine moved to the front and pulled – and pulled until she attacked within sight of the finish line. In the end, Francine maintained 3rd position with Jeanne then Stacy, in that order, finishing ahead of her. P5 blocked out the mid-pack finish positions with a 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, and 10th – all in the top 10, cool! Cathy moved into 2nd position overall for the Illinois Cup series.
  • Men’s 30+: Tim and Greg lined up and had strong upper-mid-pack finishes. Greg did not have the mechanical issues he suffered in his earlier race and as a result had a much better outing.

Wood Dale ABR State Crit Championships:

  • The Women were the first P5 race of the day. With all categories/age groups lumped in together, jerseys on the line for each, knowing your competitors was of the utmost importance. P5 had representation in the 50+ (Marilyn), 40+ (Pascale), 3′s (Ginger), and 4′s (Jerel). A steady rain coupled with a cooling breeze kicked in before the start of the race. A slight delay due to a vehicle on the course had the women shivering. At the whistle, the race set off at a slow pace. Coming around to the start of lap 2, the pace was still slow until Stacy (yup – her) jumped. Guess who followed her? If you said Jeanne Mack-er, pat yourself on the back for following along. They are both 3′s. Jerel was on their heels with a gap between her and XXX’s cat 3 Heidi Sarna. Behind this group was a couple of 4′s then a pack of mixed master’s. After a couple of laps, the position changes included Heidi bridging to the two-some of 3′s -but they weren’t so nice today - and surged dropping Heidi who road out the rest of the race with 3rd place secured. Jerel tucked in with the couple of 4′s. Her race would come down to the sprint. Ginger left the Master’s group late in the race and bridged up to the 4′s finishing with them. Pascale and Marilyn worked together to shake their competition and cross the finish tops in each of their age groups – Illinois State Champions!!! True teamwork – awesome to see.
  • Master’s 30+: The rain continued for the men’s 30+ race. Tim raced smart sitting about 6th or 7th wheel throughout the race. While attacks were attempted, nothing got away, so the race came down to the final lap. A couple of maneuvers in the final turns kept Tim from fully unleashing his powerful sprint. Still, he finished a strong 5th – nice showing!
  • Mens Cat 4: Q was toeing the line against Rhythm Racing’s Villeno who was bested at yesterday’s race. Very quickly there were 7 riders in a break – Q and a couple RR’s included. The rest of the pack disintegrated. As this race progressed, the pace picked up, so much so that the break would end up lapping the field 3 times! The weather improved at about the same rate. The rain ceased, the sun came out – taking the spectators from 65 to 85 (or at least that’s what it felt like) in a matter of a few laps. On the course, coming into the final laps, the break did not slow – rather the attacks increased. With the bell, it was Q and RRV off the front going at each other. We waited anxiously at the finish line, not knowing what aggressions were unleashed on the backside of the course, until we saw Q come around the final corner out front, hammering. go Go GO GOOOO!!! – Villeno was pouring it on but Q held him off by inches at the line. Q = Illinois State Champion!!!

Whew! What a tally for P5 this week-end:

  • Podiums = 6 (Q -2 1sts, Ginger – 3rd, Marilyn – 1st, Pascale - 1st, Jerel - 3rd)
  • Illinois State Champion Jerseys = 3 (Q Cat 4, Marilyn 50+, Pascale 40+)
  • Illinois Cup Series: 1st places = 2 (Q Cat 4, Cathy W3/4), 2nd places = 2 (Ginger W3/4, Cathy WOpen), 6th place = 1 (John 50+)

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