Project 5 Racing

Glencoe Grand Prix W3/4 8/14/10

I expected a day filled with rain, thunder, and lightning – but no, blue skies, heat, and humidity were piled on! Great day for racing.

The W3/4′s race had almost 50 racers on the start line – what a terrific showing! Some of the top talent from Wisconsin was down as well as a few unknowns from other states. The race started at a fast clip, with P5 stringing out the field for a few laps. After a couple of attacks, the contenders at the front of the pack were consistent – and would eventually line up as the top 10 finishers. The race remained exciting, though, with many attacks from the many teams represented. When the organizers put us on the longer, PRO course, next year, those team tactics will have much more impact to the race. So cool to see the Kenda team swooping up the inside. On another lap, Cuttin’Crew chasing down a break. P5 being the break that they had to chase, while I sat in. That’s fun racing. 

Unfortunately one of our top Chicago competitors crashed bad at turn 3 about 3/4 way through the race. The race was neutralized for a few laps at that point on the course as well as stopped/started to allow the ambulance to clear the course. I don’t think the start/stop had an impact on the race results - however, what did impact each of us was knowing that a friend was hurt. Our well-wishes go out to her.

The finish of the race was a series of attacks with the strongest riders finding the right lines to position themselves before hitting the final corner and taking it across the finish line. As I was behind them, learning a new lesson, it was so cool to see how easily they could move to get a clean line and surge forward. Tuck that away for next season.

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