Project 5 Racing

≡ The P5 Story

A little over 5 years ago a small group of Cat 4/5 racers decided to pool together their collective talents and become the newest team to grace the Midwest racing scene. We all felt this was just the natural progression of the friendships many of us had fostered during the 2002 season. We parted ways with our old teams and built a new team based on camaraderie and a love of cycling competition.

The Project 5 moniker was chosen for two reasons. In one respect the name stands for the plan most of us have of graduating up from the Cat 5 racing scene and moving on up until age, health, life or acquirement of a Cat 1 license prevents us from going further in our chosen sport/passion/fetish. The other meaning behind this name is simply promotion of racing in general for those young and old that are looking to participate in this awe inspiring sport. Our hope is to be a sort of ambassador of this sport and the healthy lifestyle it represents…..

From those simple beginnings the roster has grown, shrunk and grown again. Today we find a team comprised of multiple State Champions and several Wisconsin/Illinois Riders of the Year recipients. Stay tuned Folks as we look forward to the next 5 years.

Project 5 Emblem/Logo